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Please Bring The Following Documents for your Tax Preparation:

Personal Tax Preparation

  • If it's your first time with us, please bring a copy of your last year's tax return
  • W2 for self and spouse.
  • Driver’s Licenses for you and yours spouse and Social Security Cards for all dependents
  • Mortgage Statement, Property Tax Receipt from the city for summer and winter taxes.
  • Closing papers if house was purchased/refinanced/sold last year
  • License Plate fee for the automobiles.
  • Moving expense sheet if you have moved more than 50 miles for job purposes.
  • Job search expenses, union fees, and membership fees, tax preparation fees.
  • Log sheet for mileage if vehicle was used for business.
  • Child care credit; child care provider name, address, federal Id and amount paid.
  • Dividends from banks etc.
  • Stock/buy sale receipts, year end brokerage statement.
  • Rental income/expenses
  • Self-employment income and expenses and asset purchases w/ dates.
  • Other income from home based business (AMWAY, Quickstar, Avon etc.)
  • 401K and IRA withdrawals information.
  • Any other information that may be useful in preparing of your taxes

Incorporated Business tax Preparation

  • Incorporation Papers with the State and/or County.
  • Name, S.S. # and address for each owner, partner or member of the Corporation.
  • Accounting Statements, Journal entries and end of year account balances
  • Year End W-3, W-2, 1099-Misc, 940, 941 and other quarterly unemployment reports, or we can complete them for you
  • Yearly Profit and loss statement.
  • Last year’s tax return for the corporation or partnership.
  • List of assets acquired, date of purchase and purchase price for current year
  • Purchase agreement, if business was acquired during the tax year.

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